About Jess


Jess Morgan - Morillo first picked up her mom's Minolta 35mm camera in fourth grade when a project at school required a visual aid. She soon discovered the magic of photography after shooting a roll of film— her pet goldfish the subject. After a week of waiting, she received the exposed images in the mail and was in love with being behind a camera.

Jess took photography classes throughout secondary school and developed a passion for both the art and science of photography. She moved to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue a BFA in Photography and Marketing at Tufts University. After completing her education, Jess moved back to her home town, Seattle, and opened a creative photography studio in the industrial district. Jess photographed and developed content for various industries including real estate, tech, fine art, food & beverage and weddings.

After developing her portfolio, Jess returned to Boston to teach photography fundamentals at her Alma Mater. She wrote a full course and textbook teaching freshmen how to understand the sciences of their camera and use them to manipulate composition.

Jess currently lives outside of Houston with her husband and is a marketing professional at Margaritaville Lake Resort, Lake Conroe | Houston.