When I went to college, I was formally trained in analytical writing.

During that time, I was a broke college student, so I started writing reviews for money and I got pretty good at it! Below is are a couple of my best works...
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Floral Designer


I recently photographed a wedding where Laurie's arrangements were featured and was absolutely stunned at how breathtaking her product was. Heads turned as the bride walked down the aisle, and it's hard to know if the guests were standing for the bride or her bouquet.

With a sharp eye for detail, Laurie's artistry for composition, color scheme, and balance, unify to create floral masterpieces. Her work appears effortless and magical, so much so it leaves customers questioning whether her skill is pure witchcraft or a gift from the divine. She contrast her formal artistic competence with imagination, and purely demonstrates her understanding of the materials available to her. Additionally, her bright personality lights up a room which only adds to the charm of her flowers. Any bride would be lucky to work with her.


Jewelry Maker

Wow! _itsgldn blowing me away with this

First off, whomever packaged this little lad, has the spirit of a Christmas elf and the class of the late Princess Di. Lets start with the crisp, white, chipboard box the piece came in, (Cue the heavenly chorus), sealed with an inch-wide, white sleeve, subtly branded with A KNOCKOUT embossed-serif-script font combo, (Can we PLEASE talk about the PERFECT font combinations on all the collateral that came in the box?). If I don't have your attention yet over the monochromatic box combo, then maybe I can talk about the gold foiled details on all the grey and white literature inside the box. I haven't even gotten to the jewelry yet. I would post a picture but I felt ugly next to the necklace. I'm. in. love. New favorite!